How to decorate a balcony

How to decorate a balcony

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, then you owe it to yourself to make the most of it, as having private outdoor space is a dream for most people living in the city. No matter how tiny your balcony is, a little attention can turn it into a grown-up space, a spot to stargaze with the kids, or simply enjoy time with friends and family – so it’s worth putting a bit of effort to create something that can be your little oasis.

Take a look at our tips on how to decorate a balcony, and you’ll never want to leave.

Pick a theme

When decorating your balcony, think of a theme that is you. We know that picking a whole theme might be overwhelming, but there are things that can help you with the decision. Looking at your indoor decor and trying to mimic that outdoors is one, thinking about your most memorable holiday location and trying to recreate it is another. Or even thinking about the colours or types of wood you like. From jungle-inspired, bold and beautiful colours to minimalistic style, the choice is yours. But don’t be scared to play with patterns, mix and match things you like. Balcony should be a relaxing escape for you.

Or treat it like an extension of your living room

Make your balcony feel like an extension of your living area using furniture, painting the walls, and adding accessories from lights to a rug. This will help you create a place where you want to spend time.

Use Your Wall Space

Not utilising wall space is usually the biggest mistake people make when it comes to small spaces – this goes for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  Add a mirror to make your balcony appear bigger with the power of reflection! You can also add weather-resistant art, shelves, or mosaics to create different dimensions on the wall. And of course, let’s not forget about a good splash of paint!

Use Space-Saving Furniture

When buying furniture to suit your balcony, it’s important to choose space-saving pieces. Foldable or stackable furniture is great for enjoying meals or lounging and is the best way to make the most of your space. There are many designs you can choose from, but make sure you can easily store them when not in use. You could also think of adding a sail shade, which is a great addition to your balcony – it takes up minimal space and provides plenty of shade from the sun.

Or you can ditch the furniture altogether!

If you have a very small balcony and don’t want to overcrowd it, forget about furniture! Get some artificial grass, add a soft, weather-proof blanket, ottomans (to double as a coffee table) and finish with some colourful and comfortable floor pillows.

What about the floor?

Did you know that a nice floor can make a big difference? If you can change the floor, do it. Use some decorative floor tiles, which are durable, non-slip and easy to maintain or to add pattern and colour. You can go for a classic monochrome look or a bright floral pattern. Choose a design that suits your style

But if tiles are not your thing, go for a nice bright patterned rug instead. Look out for hard-wearing products made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, to up your eco points too. Whatever you choose, it will in no doubt brighten up the place and make it super cosy.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Light up the room (or the balcony)

If you like to use your balcony after hours, good lighting is essential. But don’t go for harsh built-in sconces or overhead lights, instead go for hanging lanterns, fake candles (some look amazingly real!) or strings of lights. Use different sizes to create a more romantic look that will make you want to spend more time there. There are many solar-powered lighting options, which will, of course, save you money in the long run.

DIY with wood pallets

Try a hand in some DYI projects using wood pallets. They can be used to make everything from platform beds to tables and even swings. And they’re also ideal for balcony spaces. Stack them to create an easy DIY daybed that looks custom-made.

Create a Reading Nook

Reading a book is the classic balcony activity. Even the smallest balcony can become your own reading space by treating yourself to a comfy statement chair that’s big enough for you to curl up in, but small enough to not overtake the balcony, and a cute table to hold your tea for an afternoon of reading activity.

Plants, plants, plants everywhere

Yes, we love houseplants. We won’t go into details of all the benefits they bring, but if you’d like to find out more, go to our blog post here.

Plants give a more relaxed look and can create some privacy too. Give freestanding planters a go for easy movement, especially for heavier plants. To maximise floor space, opt for hanging or vertical planters. They don’t only free up a lot of space, they look amazing too!

And don’t forget about trailing plants, which can make the balcony look extra special!

Photo by Evgenia Basyrova from Pexels

Create a mini garden

You don’t need a big garden to grow herbs or vegetables, you can do it on your balcony too! You can use different pots and containers, or even a raised planter. You can even get a vertical herb planter, which will save you floor space, and it looks amazing too! Growing fruit and vegetables like tomatoes, strawberries or lettuce couldn’t be easier even in a small space.

Give Yourself Some Privacy

If your balcony feels a bit exposed, there are several ways to try and give you more privacy and make it feel more intimate. Add tall plants like bamboo to create a natural wall. You can also hang bamboo shades, which can be raised and lowered as needed. Or you could try some balcony dividers, which come in many shapes and styles.

Whatever you do, remember you don’t need to spend a lot of money decorating your balcony. Go and rummage through charity shops and second-hand markets. You’ll be surprised what you can find!  

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